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Some Courtroom Basics (for the few times it may happen)

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The workshop:

Going to court is an anxiety provoking experience. It is a (very small) part of the Care Expert role, the risk is always there. But what does the court feel like, what will you experience and how will you prepare? Let us tell you a bit more and hopefully ease your worries. We want to enlighten you with some courtroom basics, lifting the lid on what you may (or most likely won’t) experience.

The session is free and will be broadcast live via Zoom on Monday 16 November at 12 noon.

We hope you will take away:

  1. What is the remit of the Care Expert?
  2. .What is included in a Care Report?
  3. What does the court room look like?
  4. What should you expect in court (if you get there)?
  5. Experiences from our Experts.
  6. The training provided and should you worry about going to court?

The session will be hosted by Simon Dickinson from Jacqueline Webb with discussion and will contain input from our Expert Team.

We want to demonstrate that standing in the courtroom is the end game, but that it is such a small part of your role you needn’t avoid this exciting opportunity.

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