The Love/Hate Relationship with Report Writing

As part of our recent series of videos with Heidi Stanley and Nikki Smith, Co-Directors of Stanley Smith Case Management, we asked them to candidly share their likes, dislikes, loves and hates about their Care Expert role. And if we’re honest they didn’t surprise us with what they said.

It’s clear from their conversation there is an element of a love/hate relationship with this work, but it is also obvious that the overall rewards really outweigh the negatives. Undoubtedly this role encompasses all of your clinical experience and our Experts really enjoy having that freedom to assess, find and potentially solve a client’s needs very personally, extending beyond function and safety. Being able to clearly reason individual requirements in significant detail is clearly something they all love. There is significant job satisfaction in producing a detailed account that will have a real positive long-term impact on the client, even if you see them only the once during your time on the case.

Don’t get me wrong the report writing process is not always everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ and we appreciate learning the report writing skills is not necessarily simple either. But once you have grasped those skills (FYI we will provide you with extensive support and training) you can produce a really high-quality document that truly maximises the client’s potential. I think many of our Experts sit back once a report is completed and scream ‘Yesssss!’ at the top of their voices, partly out of relief that it is complete, but mostly because they are proud of what they have accomplished.

Have a watch of Heidi’s and Nikki’s conversation and I think you will find the eureka moments far out weigh the negative emotions.