This comes in different forms for us all. Whether it is financial, satisfaction from doing a great job, freeing up family/personal time or all of the above!

We understand the commitment and challenge of being self-employed. The worry of getting work, marketing yourself and knowing when you’re going to be paid can be stressful. We negate these worries by not only booking work months in advance but also by paying a fair hourly rate on regular payment terms. We don’t want you to be out of pocket, so we make sure you are paid on a fortnightly basis without fail.

As our Experts earn their stripes, so to speak, we incentivise them with incremental pay increases. Initially, as you progress through our two training stages you will receive a pay increase for each. See it as a financial pat on the back for progressing towards being a fully-fledged Care Expert. It is also a way of us showing our commitment to you and that we really do care about our team. Just because you have completed our training doesn’t mean to say that the incentives stop! Once fully trained, Jenny, our Expert Team Manager, will have annual performance reviews with you. With our continued support, fingers crossed these reviews will end with a pay increase!

Whilst we’re on the topic of money, it’s important to know that all travel expenses are fully reimbursed, and we even pay you an amount for your travel time. Rest assured we’ve got you covered.

As mentioned above, reward comes in other forms, such as satisfaction. Now, we know you get plenty of that from doing the great jobs you do. Seeing the positive difference you make on a daily basis is incredibly fulfilling. What about being able to recommend exactly what an individual requires to return them to the life they previously enjoyed. We are biased, but I’m sure you would agree, being able to go that extra mile away from statutory constraints is very rewarding.

Feeling valued is key to most things in life



Professional Development


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Your first step towards becoming a Care Expert with Jacqueline Webb is to complete this short online questionnaire; this will register you for our Talent Pool!

Being part of our Talent Pool will mean you receive contact from our Recruitment Team via phone, regular emails, snail mail, virtual event invites and/or meeting opportunities. You will receive our ‘Introduction to Care Expert work’ pack in the post initially, but you may also get the odd freebie thrown in along the way. We will also contact you to arrange an initial conversation and to answer any questions. Attaching your CV is optional, but is always a big help in understanding you, so attach it if you can.

We keep our talent pool small as we want to keep in touch with the best potential Care Experts in a personal and bespoke way.

Importantly, filling this in does not mean you have to be ready to take on the work now, but it will allow you to learn more about us without the commitment of application and it allows us to understand how your experience matches our opportunity.

By completing this form, you are giving us consent to hold some personal data. This will only be used to provide you with information about our opportunities or to progress any subsequent application and is in line with our Privacy Policy. 

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