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Our Experts share a vision of telling the story the way it should be told and possess a mindset that makes a difference every day. Join us on a journey of professional development, flexible working and significant financial reward, that includes truly holistic assessment, high quality report writing and unrestricted opinion, to empower a client more effectively than you have ever done before.

Why become a Care Expert?

Bolt us on and keep doing what you love

Your experience is imperative to us. We need you to have ongoing, hands-on clinical work. What you do in your day job is essential for strengthening your skills. Just ‘bolt-on’ us on!


Professional Development

A combination of bespoke classroom sessions, 1-to-1 mentoring and Expert quality assurance. You get it when you need it. This is a learning curve, so lean on our mentors to guide you.


Significant Financial Reward

Being self-employed is challenging enough without having the worry of when you will be paid. We negate this problem by paying our experts fair hourly rates and on regular terms.


Frustrated in your current role?

Work outside of the restrictions of statutory services and recommend a package of care and equipment that truly meets the needs of the claimant. A truly holistic assessment and report.


Support, working by your side

We make a pledge to ensure you are kept as busy as you want to be. We offer a steady flow of work based on availability and core clinical area. It is all about being the ‘right kind of busy’!


Flexible working to suit you

We understand the need to get the right work-life balance and the beauty of our work is that it allows you to work around other commitments. Our focus is on how much time you have in your week.


What is a Care Expert?

As a Care Expert you should be confident in your clinical reasoning and assessment skills. You will be instructed by a solicitor to make a functional assessment of a client following a significant, life changing injury. The solicitor will be managing either a clinical negligence or personal injury claim. You will use your clinical experience, and other expert reports, to provide an independent, impartial opinion on what is required to return the claimant to their pre-injury position; this is the benchmark you will work to. This will take the shape of a cost report covering the lifelong needs of a claimant.


Enquire Now

Your first step towards becoming a Care Expert with Jacqueline Webb is to complete this short online questionnaire; this will register you for our Talent Pool!

Being part of our Talent Pool will mean you receive contact from our Recruitment Team via phone, regular emails, snail mail, virtual event invites and/or meeting opportunities. You will receive our ‘Introduction to Care Expert work’ pack in the post initially, but you may also get the odd freebie thrown in along the way. We will also contact you to arrange an initial conversation and to answer any questions. Attaching your CV is optional, but is always a big help in understanding you, so attach it if you can.

We keep our talent pool small as we want to keep in touch with the best potential Care Experts in a personal and bespoke way.

Importantly, filling this in does not mean you have to be ready to take on the work now, but it will allow you to learn more about us without the commitment of application and it allows us to understand how your experience matches our opportunity.

By completing this form, you are giving us consent to hold some personal data. This will only be used to provide you with information about our opportunities or to progress any subsequent application and is in line with our Privacy Policy. 

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