What is in a Care Expert Report?

The functional assessment

A face-to-face functional assessment in the claimant’s home considering past, present and future needs across all areas of daily living. You will utilise your already established assessment skills. We will provide you with guidance and tips on successfully completing a Care Expert assessment, however we do expect that you hold these core skills already.

Care and support needs

Having experience in a community setting recommending complex personal care packages puts you in a very strong position as a Care Expert. This varies from simple agency packages to more complex 24/7 care with directly employed care teams. Care tends to be the largest section in our reports, because of the overall complexity and values involved. The Recruitment Team will be able to elaborate further on how we help you resource your costs in this section. No long division involved, we promise!

Aids and Equipment

Use the latest technology to return a claimant to the level of functional independence they enjoyed prior to their injury. No restrictions here! Use your relationships with reps and attendance at trade shows to maintain your knowledge of the leading products. We can help you resource costs here and the Recruitment Team will be able to tell you more.

Housing adaptations

Is the property suitable or unsuitable? Does it need adaptations? You decide. There is no expectation for you to replace an accommodation specialist, but your skills and experience are required to identify any changes to a property. Discuss your skills in this area with our Recruitment Team if you are not sure.


It is unusual for clinicians to be familiar with a wide range of vehicles and adaptations. We have relationships with all the major providers and offer training and workshops to enhance your knowledge.

Leisure, social activities and holidays

Many of our Experts with a statutory services background have never had the opportunity to make such broad recommendations before. A truly holistic approach! We are returning the individual to as close to their pre-injury position as possible, without betterment, so we have to consider their life as a whole.

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Your first step towards becoming a Care Expert with Jacqueline Webb is to complete this short online questionnaire; this will register you for our Talent Pool!

Being part of our Talent Pool will mean you receive contact from our Recruitment Team via phone, regular emails, snail mail, virtual event invites and/or meeting opportunities. You will receive our ‘Introduction to Care Expert work’ pack in the post initially, but you may also get the odd freebie thrown in along the way. We will also contact you to arrange an initial conversation and to answer any questions. Attaching your CV is optional, but is always a big help in understanding you, so attach it if you can.

We keep our talent pool small as we want to keep in touch with the best potential Care Experts in a personal and bespoke way.

Importantly, filling this in does not mean you have to be ready to take on the work now, but it will allow you to learn more about us without the commitment of application and it allows us to understand how your experience matches our opportunity.

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