Who are Jacqueline Webb?

Jacqueline Webb & Co is Britain’s No.1 Care Expert provider, with over 30 years’ experience in providing expert care and equipment cost analyses for personal injury and clinical negligence claims, working with both claimant and defendant solicitors. Our sole purpose is to provide first class reports and expert services to the court, specific to each individual case.

Our nationally-based team of Independent Care Experts produces close to 1000 reports each year, mainly in relation to injuries of a catastrophic nature. We pride ourselves on the quality of our reports and the highly trained Experts who produce them. Our Experts are clinically current and at the top of their professions in areas such as head, spinal, birth and orthopaedic injury, mental health and palliative care. Our experience and focus is our advantage; as medico-legal specialists, we invest in supporting our Experts to maximise the potential of each clinician throughout their time with Jacqueline Webb.

Our Experts are passionate about identifying and correctly quantifying the claimant’s needs and do this by being the most knowledgeable and current in their field.

Head Office Team



Ever-present in the day-to-day running of the head office, Doug exudes the personal yet professional image of Jacqueline Webb. He places great emphasis on quality over quantity and is driven to maintain Jacqueline Webb’s position as Britain’s No.1 Care Expert provider.


Expert Team Manager

A fountain of knowledge in this field, Jenny has been a presence at Jacqueline Webb for over 20 years. She leads our head office support team, clinical mentor/quality assurance team and coordinates ongoing training and support on an individual basis for all our Experts. Jenny is also responsible for the coordination of our annual events including a conference and regional training seminars.


Client Development Manager

Keeping our new and existing experts busy as consistently as we do is no mean feat. Working closely with our customers, Aaron is responsible for developing the volume of our ongoing instructions to maintain the growth of the business in line with recruitment of new Experts.


Allocations Team Manager

Responsible for the allocation of all Expert Report work, Will and his team ensure you are the ‘right type of busy’. It is integral that we understand the requirements of a solicitor before allocating a case, therefore Will and his team take great care in allocating the right case to the right Expert to utilise their expertise.


Report Production Team Manager

Report production extends well beyond proofreading. Alice and her team ensure the reports produced meet the highest quality standards and they are integral in maintaining our reputation for excellence. You will receive close 1-to-1 support during your initial induction from a member of Alice’s team.


Workflow Team Manager

Once a case is allocated, the baton is taken by Kelly and her Workflow Team. Think of her team as your backstop; they keep the case rolling on by supporting both you and the solicitor to achieve the most timely outcome on any additional requirements.

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Your first step towards becoming a Care Expert with Jacqueline Webb is to complete this short online questionnaire; this will register you for our Talent Pool!

Being part of our Talent Pool will mean you receive contact from our Recruitment Team via phone, regular emails, snail mail, virtual event invites and/or meeting opportunities. You will receive our ‘Introduction to Care Expert work’ pack in the post initially, but you may also get the odd freebie thrown in along the way. We will also contact you to arrange an initial conversation and to answer any questions. Attaching your CV is optional, but is always a big help in understanding you, so attach it if you can.

We keep our talent pool small as we want to keep in touch with the best potential Care Experts in a personal and bespoke way.

Importantly, filling this in does not mean you have to be ready to take on the work now, but it will allow you to learn more about us without the commitment of application and it allows us to understand how your experience matches our opportunity.

By completing this form, you are giving us consent to hold some personal data. This will only be used to provide you with information about our opportunities or to progress any subsequent application and is in line with our Privacy Policy. 

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