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No, we’re not talking about doing the splits! We all have many things going on in our lives; whether you’ve got children, elderly parents that need your support, weekly yoga classes or just like to have some ‘me time’, being a Care Expert gives you the flexibility to work around what is important. We understand the need to get the right work-life balance and the beauty of Care Expert work is that it allows you to work around other commitments.

However, this is a part-time role and we do require 10 hours a week from you. From our 30 years’ experience we know that 10 committed hours a week will allow you to do the job well without overloading you. As long as you have the capacity to take on 10 hours across your week, then you can choose when you put pen to paper. We do not dictate when you complete the work. Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, no problem; you plan to work when it best suits you as we all have different times when we feel most productive.

When it comes to the assessment, we do require some flexibility from you. Unfortunately, just having every Friday off doesn’t quite cut it for us. Ideally, having a flexible day a week allows you to comfortably accommodate the assessment at the client’s convenience. We strongly recommend using the whole day to your advantage. Not only will you need to complete the assessment but there will be travel time, as well as getting those initial thoughts down on paper when you arrive home. This will certainly start the report off on the right foot and set the precedent going forward.

As we are a very proactive company, we work with you to plan your caseload in advance to give you the ability to control your diary. Just another little thing we do to try and make your life easier.

You can take the dog for a walk whenever you like!

Keep doing what you love

Regular flow of work

Excellent financial reward

No limits!

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