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Could I be a Care Expert?

You will need:

  • A minimum of 6 years post-qualification experience in one of the following:
    Occupational Therapy | Physiotherapy | Complex Care Nursing | Speech and Language Therapy | Visual Impairment Rehabilitation
  • Current hands-on experience regularly working with individuals who have suffered significant injuries such as brain injury, orthopaedic injury, amputation, complex multi-trauma, birth injury, cerebral palsy, spinal or spinal cord injury.
  • To be working in a day job that sees you assessing for, reviewing and/or managing long-term packages of care for catastrophically injured people in the community.
  • The capacity to accommodate around 10 hours work per week, in addition to your main clinical role.

We believe Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Nurses and Speech & Language Therapists who are working in Adult Social Care, NHS Community Care, Catastrophic Injury Case Management or other independent streams of work make the best care experts.

Typically, your main clinical role will see you involved in recommending meaningful care packages, suitable aids and equipment, transport options and significant housing adaptations for individuals with catastrophic, life-changing injuries.

Why did I become a Care Expert?

We sent Heidi and Nikki back to the very beginning to consider why they began care expert work in the first place. It became clear as they chatted that they were coming from backgrounds of academic qualification and hands-on experience. Both have worked in statutory services and independent practice. Their skills were honed in their respective fields, and having held their current roles for some time, they felt confident in their clinical reasoning to consider care expert work. This process wasn’t quick and it took some time for them to feel confident they could do this work, which is the common theme amongst our Expert Team.

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What qualities does a Care Expert need?

Solicitor Trevor Sterling, Partner at Moore Barlow, tells us more about the qualities required to be a Care Expert. In addition, a number of our Experts explain the characteristics they feel are important for success as a Care Expert.

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