No limits!

So, you joined the industry to help people, right?

You’ve done your assessment and established that your client would hugely benefit from a piece of equipment that would help transform their life.  Only, that piece of equipment is very expensive and whilst we are extremely lucky to have the NHS, unfortunately they don’t have bottomless pockets!  So, you need to find a cheaper alternative.  It doesn’t quite do the same job and it doesn’t help as much as you know it could.  Care Expert work allows you to recommend exactly what an individual needs, no budgets and no statutory constraints.

You have the freedom to recommend whatever you see as clinically justified and reasonable across care packages, equipment, housing adaptations, transport and social activities to return the individual back (or as near as possible) to the life they once had.  Let go of those statutory limitations and truly help people to get exactly what they need.

For many, there comes a point where you feel like you need to be challenged in a new way.  You love your job and don’t necessarily want to leave it, but you crave that extra challenge, the next step in your personal development.  Options are limited but have you seriously considered Care Expert work?  We ‘bolt-on’ to your day-to-day role, keeping you clinically hands-on and doing the job you love.  We empower you to enable others in ways that other career paths won’t.

We are not claiming to be able to eradicate your frustrations, but we certainly can offer something that is that little bit different.  Harness your analytical skills and your ‘think outside the box’ mindset in a new way.  Be your own boss and let us remove those restrictions.

Remember, we are here to help and offer advice.  It’s not about getting you to sign up right now; this is a very rewarding role and one that takes a bit of planning and the right experience.  Let us help you shape your skills and experience ready to take on Care Expert work.

Feel empowered to enable others in ways that other career paths do not

Regular flow of work

Keep doing what you love

Training & Support

Excellent financial reward

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