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What is a Care Expert

The role of a Care Expert

Acting in an independent and impartial capacity, the Care Expert must consider putting the claimant in the same position as they would have been if they had not sustained the injury.  This is the principle of the law and the benchmark our Care Experts work to.  Their expert witness care report should help the court understand the functional ability of the claimant post-injury and the costs associated with returning them to or as near to their pre-injury lifestyle as possible.  That said, the Care Expert is not an advocate for the claimant and the findings should not better their pre-injury circumstances.  Using clinical reasoning and drawing on their current experience, the Care Expert can help the court decide on a settlement that supports the claimant for the rest of their lives after a life-changing injury.  Care Expert work may also involve attending case conferences with solicitors and barristers, either in person or remotely, responding to queries raised, commenting on additional documents provided by lawyers, preparing joint statements, discussing with opposing experts and attending court when required.

Who needs a Care Expert?

When there has been an accident/injury there are two parties involved.  The claimant, who is the injured party, and the defendant, who is being held responsible.  There are many moving parts to a personal injury or clinical negligence claim and there are legal teams for both claimant and defendant sides.  See below for the leading roles you need to be aware of:

  • Claimant – the injured party.
  • Solicitor – handles the claimant’s case and instructs Expert’s to provide opinions to support their case.
  • Barrister – uses the evidence provided by an Expert to argue the case in court.
  • Judge – after hearing the evidence of the relevant Expert’s, passes judgement on the compensation to be awarded in the case.

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