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Our pledge has always been to keep you as busy as you want to be!

Now this is an area we certainly pride ourselves on.  Care Expert work is what we do and it’s all we do, so we strive to be the best and consistency is very important to us.

We aren’t like many consultancy businesses; we offer a steady flow of work to each Expert based on their availability and core clinical expertise.  We actively promote your skills and experience; we don’t just stick your details on our website and hope for the best.  Our Allocations Team work hard to space out any new instruction and cases are typically booked into an Expert’s diary up to 6 months in advance.  Over time, an Expert will also begin to pick up additional work alongside any new instructions.  This regular flow of work is consistently reviewed to enable any necessary changes and ensure that we remain up to date with everyone.

The welfare of our Care Experts is hugely important to us and we will not push work upon you – we are not too shy to tell you if we think you are taking on too much either.  As much as we want to keep you busy, it’s about being ‘the right kind of busy’.  We work with you to keep the flow constant and sustainable is key, it really is a team effort.  Our Expert Support Team are always on hand to discuss any issues, concerns or diary complexities.  Whether that be family commitments, health and wellness concerns, holidays and so much more, the team are here to support you and ensure that everything is organised and managed appropriately.  We understand that things can crop up and life is constantly changing and we must all be adaptable to that, so communication is hugely important to us ensuring that our working relationship is always strong.

We don’t just see this as a business, we are building our J Webb Family!

We work by your side in every respect

No limits!

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