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We appreciate it is not always possible to meet us at an event, which is why we have introduced our Learning Library. This resource is free and available at your convenience for you to learn more about Care Expert work and if it could suit you.
Each video will help you understand the role in more depth and if you have the skills and experience to be a Care Expert.

Featured Workshops:


Lifecyle of a Care Expert Case

Courtroom Basics

Going to court is an anxiety provoking experience. It is a (very small) part of the Care Expert role, the risk is always there. But what does the court feel like, what will you experience and how will you prepare? Let us tell you a bit more and hopefully ease your worries. We want to enlighten you with some courtroom basics, lifting the lid on what you may (or most likely won’t) experience.


“Bolt-on” – How can an Occupational Therapist lead a portfolio career?


The working world is always evolving, but it certainly feels over the last few months this has accelerated significantly. As AHPs we are simply not working how we were 6 months ago and this will have longer lasting impacts on us as Occupational Therapists. It seems then a good time to discuss more openly these changes and what this means for our future careers.


Flexible working, will it work for me?


As we discussed in our last virtual session on portfolio working, there are many options for AHP’s and Nurses out there to achieve a balance, on their own terms, without losing clinical, hands on input. Today we hope to show you how this works for one of our Occupational therapists and the professional and personal benefits associated with working flexibly.


Common mistakes of a new Care Expert


In this session we discuss the typical mistakes made by new Care Experts. Nikki Smith discusses her experiences and provides some tips for those interested in beginning this work.


Assessment Skills Workshop


In this session Helen Neale, who is a Community Occupational Therapist and a Care Expert, comments on assessment skills and how this differs in her work in the community and as a Care Expert.


Giving evidence in court… Sounds daunting, doesn’t it?


Court is a scary prospect, but we will closely support your preparations for trial. This includes giving you courtroom skills experience. Take a look at our latest training day.


The next piece of your professional development puzzle

In times such as these taking stock of our progression as Occupational Therapist, Nurse or Physiotherapist is essential. Many of us now have the time to consider where we can develop our skills and what we want to achieve with them.


Chapter 1

This will provide you with an understanding of what the Care Expert role entails. Specifically around the duties of a Care Expert, what they comment on and who needs a Care Expert.


Chapter 2

This will help you understand what our requirements are. It will also highlight personal considerations when looking at starting in this role and what clinical roles best complement our work.


Chapter 3

This will answer the question ‘why become a Care Expert?’. Enhancing your clinical skills, bettering your work-life balance and offering significant financial rewards to name just a few good reasons.


Chapter 4

This addresses the mystery around the Care Expert role by dispelling a number of myths associated with this kind of work. We will help you to alley your fears and show you how we overcome these myths.


Why I Became a Care Expert?

We took Heidi and Nikki back to the start to discuss why they became Care Experts.


Self-employed? You can feel valued too

Hear Care Experts Heidi and Nikki share how they feel valued at J Webb.


The Love/Hate Relationship

It’s a real thing. Hear Nikki and Heidi discuss the highs and lows of report-based work.


Top tips for managing your time

Our Care Experts Heidi and Nikki share their top tips for managing your time when Report Writing.


Why does a Case Manager make a great Expert Witness?

Hear Care Experts Heidi and Nikki share how they feel their Case Management work set them up well for life as a Care Expert. Read the blog too!


Freedom to Recommend – Truly empowering the injured party without restriction

Today were going to discuss the freedom you could have in the Care Expert role to truly empower the injured party without restriction. We will explore what the remit of a Care Expert is and what is included in a report, as well as discussing how working in this environment makes you better equipped to serve your clients and patients day-to-day too.


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