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The workshop:

Following our recent courtroom basics workshop we bring you the full cycle of a medico legal claim. We will emphasise the importance of the Care Expert in this process and guide you to the types of work you are likely to undertake. The session will give the full picture and enlighten you as to the benefits of a good Care and OT report. Sign up to receive access to the live and on demand session

The session is free and will be broadcast live via Zoom on Monday 7 December at 12noon.

In the session we will:

  • Explain how we will assign the cases best suited to you.
  • Outline the assessment and highlight where this is similar to what you currently do and any key differences.
  • Discuss the Report and how long it is likely to take.
  • Summarise the additional work that will follow the report and the likely timescales for this.
  • Highlight the support and the tools that are available to our Experts throughout the life cycle of a case
  • Show that the vast majority of cases will not go to court

We want to demonstrate how you can advance your clinical skills and gain better outcomes for your clients by working in roles such as this.

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