Being a Care Expert – Good Communication Matters

We pride ourselves on the support we give to our Experts. The only way we can do this as effectively as we do is good communication all round. Luckily for you, we deal with all communication from the solicitor. This works well as it prevents them from leaning on you, asking for more than is expected and, most importantly, it allows you to do the job without distraction. We filter all information whether that’s from email, phone or letter. We know we have the communication nailed down with the solicitors but what is key is that we have a clear and solid line of communication with our Experts.

Another important reason to communicate well is to allow us to manage your capacity. This is a bolt-on role and we do not know what else is going on in your life unless you tell us. We do all we can to build caseloads in advance to keep you busy, so regular communication with our allocations team is vital for you (and us) in order to plan ahead. If you have a holiday in mind, as long as it is communicated to the office in advance then we can set expectations and plan ahead.
In these mad times we also appreciate that virtual assessments might not provide you with all the information that you need. Don’t stew on it, let us know so that we can work with you to ascertain the best outcome.

If we don’t know then we can’t help.