Common Mistakes of a New Expert Witness

If you joined us for this webinar session, thanks again for taking the time. If not, do not fear; here is a brief overview and recap of the session. Whether it is another insight to Care Expert work, taking away some knowledge, sharpening some of your current practices or a bit of food for thought, I hope you find it useful.

During the session I was joined by Nikki Smith who is a Physio, Case Manager and has been a Care Expert with us for the last 18 months. So, she is very well placed to share her thoughts and offer advice.


We have all heard of “fail to plan, plan to fail”! As much of a cliché as it is, it is no different here. Before you even attend the assessment, start off on the right foot and obtain as much information as possible. Have a solid understanding of exactly what you need to achieve and any expectations you need to fulfil.

Be clear and concise from start to finish. There is no room for ‘might’, ‘may’, ‘could’. Use your experience to define exactly what is needed. Whether it’s a Care Expert report or not, don’t confuse things, and be assertive.

Own that report

Be confident in your ability, you have the experience so use it to your advantage. Justifying why an individual needs something is what you do day in, day out so do not underestimate yourself. Nikki highlighted the support J Webb offers, and we are here to guide you as much as you need, but don’t rely on us too much. It is your report and your recommendations so stand by them.

Official documents

Whilst it is easy to slip back into note writing, remember, this is a report for the courts. No note writing allowed! We support your report writing but that doesn’t mean to say we don’t expect you to write with the Queen’s English. Professional language only to help paint that word picture.

Allow enough time

Trust us when we say 10 hours a week is needed! Don’t leave things to the last minute or try fitting it in between other tasks. Committing time early saves time, so get all the detail down on paper early whilst you’re still in the zone.

Appreciate the home assessment

This is a one-time visit so make sure you take it all in and write as much down as possible. The more you take away from this visit the harder it will be for anyone to argue your recommendations. This is the foundation to your report.

Read sample reports

Read them over and over and over again to learn from the experienced guys. Reading our reports helps you pick up new words and phrases as well as setting the standard. Knowing more will only help you save time.

Submerge yourself

We have lots of resources at your disposal so take the time early in your Care Expert journey to get to grips with them. We have created lots of tools, libraries of information and an online portal so knowing these inside out will again save you a lot of time going forward.