Freedom to Recommend – Truly empowering the injured party without restriction

What freedom does a Care Expert have on the care, equipment and housing that can be provided to a claimant over and above the restrictions imposed by statutory services.  The greatest benefit of working as a Care Expert is the ability to recommend without the hindrance of budgets.  Watch the video to get more of a flavour, but to demonstrate this we have drawn on a recently settled case involving a member of our paediatric team.

All teenage boys seek adventure, adrenaline and excitement.  Our expect prepared a report for a young boy with an acquired catastrophic brain injury with the aim of ensuring that his injury did not stop him enjoying the adventures every teenager is entitled to experience.  Within her report one item of equipment stood out which highlights the freedom she had in her recommendations.  She was able to include costs for a Terrain Hopper (a quad bike/wheelchair) to enable the claimant to go anywhere, and most importantly provide him with the freedom, excitement and adventure he, and all teenage boys, crave.  As we are sure you are aware this is a drastic improvement on many standard wheelchair options!

Our expert was also able to facilitate major housing and garden adaptations, including a tree house, to minimise the impact of his injury on the family and provide an enjoyable, functional environment.  The equipment and adaptations recommended by our expert improved the claimant’s psychological well-being and enabled him to share in activities with his family and friends.