Going the extra mile

As an expert in your field, your clinical experience and your understanding of the medico-legal process is really taken as read by the Courts. However, becoming recognised as a good medico-legal expert requires you to go further than this.

Both J Webb and solicitors value experts who are friendly, readily available, open to dialogue about their opinion in the context of the claim, express themselves clearly and concisely in writing, and will stick to that opinion substantially if the cases make it to court.

We appreciate Care Expert work is a ‘bolt-on’ and whilst we don’t expect it to take centre stage over your day-to-day role, we do expect you to have some flexibility to fulfil assessments. Not only that, but whilst this role offers flexibility in the hours you work, we have to remember that solicitors work normal office hours. So, any case conferences or extra tasks will require you to go that extra mile to accommodate the situation.

Due to the nature of this work, your report may come under scrutiny, and a good Care Expert needs to be open to this and be prepared, diplomatically, to reassert their opinion. There is no room for a Care Expert who is unable to make themselves available or unwilling to enter into a dialogue with either the legal team or other experts.

Did you know, an Expert Witness report is the only part of the legal process that is based on opinion, and in this case, your opinion. Pretty neat hey! So, keeping up with the latest practices and technologies will help to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date report.

We go through a thorough recruitment process to not only educate you but to also make sure we are confident in your ability across every area. This will involve many conversations where you will be required to back up and demonstrate how you’ve gained your experience. Taking the time to think ahead and plan some example cases will definitely stand you in good stead. You can have peace of mind that if you are one of our Experts, then we have the confidence you are more than capable to produce the goods!