Top tips for managing your time when report writing

Being a Care Expert is not a full-time role and therefore acts as a ‘bolt-on’ to any other clinical work you already participate in. But what is the best way of managing your time commitment to this role? We spoke with Nikki Smith and Heidi Stanley, both independent therapists and Case Managers with Stanley Smith Case Management, about how they manage their busy clinical workload and Care Expert report work. They provided some top tips to consider when managing your time and also highlighted some great benefits to working in this way.

Clearly having enough time is important and our recommendation is to have at least 10 hours of time free, but spread across your week so that you can deliver your reports effectively. As recommended by Heidi and Nikki in our video, having a clear period of time after the assessment is crucial to getting your thoughts on paper before they disappear. This is possibly the biggest tip we can give anyone starting this work. Having chunks of time to focus is a direct correlator to producing a well-rounded report and stops you losing the flow. You simply cannot leave it a week and, as Heidi says in the video, ‘having drive to commit’ time is vital for your own success.

When you do this though is your choice. Early-bird or night-owl it all works and it is down to personal preference. Flexing your time to suit your family needs and other commitments is a massive benefit to working in this way. It can provide so much freedom to accommodate other things you enjoy or other streams of work.

Watch the conversation Nikki and Heidi have, they have a great level of experience in working flexibly and managing their own time effectively, and quite candidly talk about their own experiences.