Self-employed? You can feel valued too….

As a self-employed worker you can often feel isolated on your own little island, tucked away from the rest of the employed world. Perhaps you are lucky to share an office with some like-minded colleagues, but for many it is the home office. Perhaps you are currently employed and would like the idea of self-employed working, but have reservations because you like the team ethos you have in your employed job. Feeling valued by the people you take your work from is often a sensation not associated with self-employed work. However, we do think we are different in this regard and as part of our recent conversations with Heidi Stanley and Nikki Smith, both self-employed Case Managers with Stanley Smith Case Management, we asked them to talk about how Jacqueline Webb & Co makes them feel individually valued and why that is important to them.

We think it’s the small things that make us really different and makes you feel part of a team, and not a huge company as is easy to perceive. Whether this be the small rewards for good work or teamwork, a birthday card or our commitment to support your professional development, we will put our arms around you and welcome you in. I believe if you asked any one of our team, they would wax lyrical about the fact they feel listened too and consequently really well supported. We add to the team very deliberately and therefore from day one of us saying ‘you should apply’ we are already open-armed.

In the bigger picture it is about reputation, we are the best at what we do (in fact this is all we do) so feeling valued by your instructing solicitor is something that you can expect to feel. Here is just some of the recent feedback from solicitors about our Expert Team:

‘Your Expert has been excellent in this case – her report is clear and thorough, not overstated and she grasped all of the issues. A big thank you to her again and I’d happily recommend her to others.’

‘Your Expert was excellent and I would have no hesitation in instructing her again.’

‘In terms of feedback – Excellent. We also received positive feedback from our client and her family for your Expert’s work. We will be instructing your Expert again in the future.’

‘Please note that your Expert played a crucial role as an Expert Witness in this matter and her input was excellent. I would definitelyuse her again in the future and recommend her to my team.’