Specialist Areas

The term ‘Expert’ can seem like a daunting one and to be honest, ‘Expert Witness’ even more so. We label the role as a Care Expert as we feel this is a better representation of what you do and the reports you produce. So, what areas do we categorise our Experts into and what do they need to do to call themselves an ‘Expert’?

At Jacqueline Webb, we appreciate the importance of making sure our Experts are commenting on the injuries that are best suited to their experience and knowledge. Not only is this instilling the utmost confidence in you when a case comes in, but also making sure we provide the best report possible.

Broadly speaking, our four specialist areas are Generalists, Spinal cord injury, Head injury and Paediatrics.

They cover a group of injuries that include amputees, multi trauma and orthopaedic. The typical background that a generalist comes from can vary as there is no blue print. Their current role would typically need to be a community based one where they are exposed to a cross section of injuries and conditions. Whilst a community role is key and gives them the experience across care, equipment and housing, a previous acute rehabilitation role can offer a greater understanding on the immediate care and hone in that specific injury experience.

Spinal cord injury 

A complex field with patients suffering further complex issues later in life. Our spinal cord injury specialists have worked in a regional spinal cord injury centre, a specialist care organisation or intensive/critical setting earlier in their career. This helps to give them the underpinning knowledge before moving into a private specialist hospital, an independent therapist or a case manager.

Head Injury  

Another complex field with no patient presenting in the same way. This can range from those with severe cognitive impairment to acquired and traumatic brain injury. All our head injury Experts have worked in either a neuro community, acute unit or supported living rehabilitation environments early in their career. Many of whom who now sit in the private sector, as independent therapists or as case managers. A vast proportion of claimants who have a head injury have also suffered additional injuries extenuating the complexity of their needs. Our Experts also have this additional experience to cater for those extra injuries.


Our team of Experts have experience in dealing with children with orthopaedic injuries, amputations and mild brain injuries, through to more severe conditions such as cerebral palsy or erbs palsy. Children develop significantly through the life cycle of a personal injury or clinical negligence claim and therefore understanding and regular tracking of the changes in a child’s development is key to the success of a Paediatric Expert. It is not uncommon for a birth injury case to last for between 8-10 years, maybe longer.