The Importance of Being Clinically Current

This week we want to highlight the necessity for Experts to maintain their expertise.

Here at Jacqueline Webb we insist on all of our Experts maintaining a balance of complementary clinical work to run alongside their Expert work.

We do this because we strongly believe Experts who are current in their field produce better recommendations in their reports and are more likely to be a credible witness. Clinical currency protects the reputation of the clinician, solicitor and Jacqueline Webb.

A recent article from Mark Solon, founder of Bond Solon training and Chairman at Wilmington Legal, examines the reasons why this is so important.

“Experts not currently in practice can be at a disadvantage.

Judge Topolski highlighted the Keran Henderson appeal (R v Henderson [2010] EWCA Crim 1269), in which he, as a barrister, called an expert who was not in current practice. Lord Justice Moses was concerned that a retired expert would be disadvantaged in two ways: by not doing the job on a daily basis and by potentially not keeping up with developments. Judge Topolski urged retired experts to ‘read that part of the judgement in Henderson… get familiar with the way that the court was thinking and act accordingly’.

Allen & Overy partner Joanna Page reflected Judge Topolski’s comments. If experts are not fully up to date in a particular area, she said, then they should tell the instructing solicitor at the earliest opportunity: if they are shown to be out of date in cross-examination, their evidence could be diminished.”

We pride ourselves on the support Experts receive and you can rest assured that we will work closely with you throughout your time at J Webb to help you balance the right complementary clinical skills. By working with you to stay clinically current we can focus on maximising your potential, hopefully supporting you to be the best Expert Witness you can be!