Top 5 Tips – Making an application with J Webb

We thought it might be useful to pass on some tips for the application process.

It’s not a lengthy process, and you have already got over the first hurdle. We just want to extract some solid examples of cases you have worked on and learn more about the service you work in. This helps us to gain even more understanding on you and your experiences. There is plenty of conversation and opportunity for you to learn about us in-between

Tip 1. Choose your area of strength.

Think about narrowing your expertise. We want you in the strongest position possible when standing in front of a judge and defending your opinion. So, although you may feel your experiences could cover many specialist areas, we need to narrow that to make sure we put you in the strongest position possible. The last thing we want to do is see your recommendations getting discredited by a barrister. Think about what you would want to defend in court and this is where we will focus your work. The key is to be clinically current and have current hands-on practical experiences. We will ask more about this during the process.

Tip 2. Why why why!

Why would you recommend that piece of equipment? Why do they need that extra care? Why is their house not suitable?

We need you to show justification skills as to why you have made a recommendation. That way we can truly understand how it will impact them and how it will return them to, as close as possible, a life they once lived.

Tip 3. Be specific.

Show us that you know exactly what you’re talking about. For example, if you are recommending a certain piece of equipment then give us specifics. Name of it, company you could get it from, a rep you would use etc. Our reports are all about quantifying someone’s on-going needs so demonstrate to us that you know you stuff!

Tip 4. An idiots guide!

Remember, we are not clinicians and we speak to hundreds of people who all have different processes. Where you sit in a pathway might seem obvious to you, but it isn’t for us. Break everything down so we have a clear understanding of your involvements and where you fit into the process.

Tip 5. Be impartial and independent

Your report is solely based on your recommendations. You have the freedom to recommend exactly what you believe an individual needs. Make sure you highlight what YOU think and not what a client says they want. It is your reputation.