Why does a Case Manager make a great Expert Witness?

The role of a Case Manager is diverse due to the varying contact with other therapy clinicians, legal professionals, architects, expert witnesses, medical consultants; the list goes on. It is a demanding, hands-on role which sits very well alongside the more report based and predictable Expert Witness work.

Many members of our Expert Team are Case Managers and experience has shown us that knowledge of care package implementation, combined with experience of equipment provision and a focus on promoting independence, is hugely beneficial in costing future care and rehabilitation needs. This knowledge is highly transferable to the Expert Witness field.
We posed some questions to Expert Witness, Heidi Stanley. Heidi is a Specialist Paediatric OT and has worked as an Expert and as a Case Manager since 2008. She is an advanced BABICM member and has expertise in neurology, developmental co-ordination, autistic spectrum and neuro-muscular conditions.
Why did you begin Case Management work?

“I felt that my practice and professional development was restricted by the limited resources whilst working in the NHS. I had already worked in a Social Care and Education setting and I considered that to return to that would be a backward step. Case Management enables me to make a difference to the lives of my clients and their families”.

How does Case Management complement Expert Witness work?

“Case Management work enables me to gain practical experience of many of the recommendations that I make in my Expert reports. This allows me to confidently evidence recommendations within my reports and when challenged in Case Conferences and Meetings of Experts.
An example being that I have first-hand experience of setting up private and employed care packages. This enables me to have a clear understanding of the process and the hidden costs involved. I draw on experiences like these when evidencing my recommendations in Expert reports”.

Are there any distinct differences?

“As a Case Manager I am acting as an advocate for the client. I get involved in the issues and problems so that I can directly help to resolve them and move things forward for the client and their family.
As an Expert my duty is to the court, I identify needs and make recommendations; I do not get involved in sorting out daily issues and implementing recommendations. It is crucial that I am able to evidence my opinions.”.

Does Case Management help your Expert work and vice versa?

“Case Management and Expert Witness roles complement each other very well. As a Case Manager, it is useful to have knowledge of the litigation process and daily experience of implementing change. As an Expert, it is very helpful to be able to draw on my Case Management practice in order to substantiate my opinions and help achieve the correct result for the client”.

What are the perks of Expert work vs. Case Management?

“I enjoy carrying out detailed assessments, formulating effective recommendations and writing Expert reports. As a Case Manager, I am closely involved in hands-on problem solving of difficult situations and this can be more stressful and time consuming versus completing an Expert report. I also like the fact that my expert work can usually be completed at a time to suit my other commitments (within reason) – it allows a more flexible working week”.

What do you gain from working as part of a large team at Jacqueline Webb & Co?

“If I come across a puzzling situation I can seek the advice of another Expert who may have come across the issue previously. I find Jacqueline Webb & Co to be a friendly and supportive company, where Experts are encouraged to share knowledge across the team. As an Expert, I feel that it is important to have a strong infrastructure behind me so that I am able to produce high quality reports”.

Jacqueline Webb & Co pride ourselves on our outstanding Head Office support, extensive training and CPD. We provide high levels of work and excellent financial reward. If you choose to pursue Expert work with us you will become a member of a highly respected team of Experts.