Why I became a Care Expert?

Late last year we sat down with Heidi Stanley (OT) and Nikki Smith (Physio), co-founders of Stanley Smith Case Management and Care Experts with Jacqueline Webb, and formulated a series of short videos which will be released on our social channels over the next few weeks.

We sent Heidi and Nikki back to the very beginning to consider why they began Care Expert work in the first place. It became clear as they chatted that they were coming from backgrounds of academic qualification and hands-on experience. Both have worked in statutory services and independent practice. Their skills were honed in their respective fields, having held their current roles for some time, and they felt they had confidence in their clinical reasoning to consider Care Expert work. This process wasn’t a quick one and it took some years for them to feel confident they could do this work, which is the common theme amongst our Expert Team.

At the core they both love assessment work and seeing a client 1-2-1, generating a clear understanding of their needs and what they can do to improve activities of daily living was the main incentive for them as individuals. Seeing the correct level of care/support, the appropriate aids and equipment and the adaptations that maximise independence put in place were a driver for them and should be a driver for you to consider this line of work also. Truly, our line of work is unique in that you really do have the freedoms to make a significant change to someone’s circumstances; which may not be the case in the job you do now.

It was this combination of practical experience, professional confidence, get-up-and-go and core assessment skills that brought them to Care Expert work. Report writing is not always everyone’s cup of tea, but having the underpinning motivations displayed by Nikki and Heidi and an ambition to better one’s clinical reasoning skills further (plus some good training and support provided by the right company) are good enough reasons to question if you could do this too.

Listen to more of their conversation in the video and keep your eyes on our social channels as we release more over the next few weeks.